Partner Button - How to add Hyipbox status button on your site

HyipBox publishes the status of our partners into an icon button that can be added to your monitor or your HYIP with a few simple steps. For example, lets use an imaginary Hyip called The image url will be

30Monitors say status is Paying
5Monitors say status is Waiting
3Monitors say status is Problem
1Monitors say status is NotPaying
2Monitors say status is Unknown


  • If you're using GoldCoder's HyipLister script, you may use this code: (Replace YOUR_HYIP_USERNAME with your usual username used to sign-up for HYIPS)
  • If you're using a different script, you can use this: (Replace HYIP_DOMAIN with the domain of the HYIP, andYOUR_HYIP_USERNAME with your usual HYIP username)

Benefits of Monitor Partnership

The benefit for using HyipBox's button is that your users/visitors will be able to see the status of multiple monitors, all at once. There is also another benefit, if users click the button and are directed to HyipBox, your inbound HYIP referral link will be shown, and not HyipBox's referral link. For example, lets use an imaginary Hyip again called If someone clicks the image on your site and comes to:
The outgoing link on HyipBox will be your own referral id.

If you'd like to be HYIPBox's monitoring partner ( we will extract the status of HYIPs from your site), contact us here:

HyipBox Monitoring partner request