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Not only i am saying this because Statelife gave me

Hello fellow Statian, As you know Statelife is world #1 investment portfolio. Not only i am saying this because Statelife gave me a Job. Not only i said because it giving me success. Not only me say like that every buddy each true Statian have same experience. Since Statelife gave me this opportunity as per my ability & knowledge about all these things I am a biggest promoter of Statians. I am one of the most biggest marketer among you all Statians. Now while i gave a suggestion to CEO to decrease referral levels commissions it was just to help the company about those doubler & hypocrism people who were destroying our Statelife. & till today i could see about 120 hypocrism were left Statelife who were frauding with the Statelife by doubling. Which is the main reason to get new IDEA: I Ryan Simons as I am a true Statian & one of from those people who always standed with Statelife. In all the time when it was even down when it was started each time i was here to follow this true CEO Mr. Earnest. Referral Level Down: The referrals level is down from last some days & we could see after this all true Statians are still very happy, while people who do not have sense of making money or people who are extremism or hypocrites are blaming Statians for the faults they done by theirselves. Some of them saying negative things about company on social media this is because: Non-sense blamer made lot of doubling accounts under his own down-line & while referral level is down now so they have no more interest in Statelife infact they were trying to break this helpful company which is helping you around over from 3 & a half years. I can bet you can not find any more website which can compare to Statian network. We are really lucky that we got this real opportunity which will remain life time with us, No doubt this is really our success. Now we can trust that online invesment atleast make us success but still there are lot of hypocrism. & more people who do not want to work hard for making them successful they just try to choose cheaters way to blakemail a trusted company. Our CEO Mr. Earnest is the one of brave man who always resolve the issues without any tention. We pray to God that our CEO will always serve us with his kind & honest leadership. & At last i want to salute all true Statians & Statelife team who are working for the sucess of each other. Accept it or not Statelife is only way to grow you financially deep & strong. Listen my advise make more deposit in Season tour 13 for 2016 from 23rd December Just from $11900. More than 3300 USD off as Xmas gift. Also get free Representatives ATM Salary Cards to all tourist Users in tour 13th. On this Christmas. (On the other hand, always listen to your mother. she must recommend you this xmas offer Metro AG Turbo BOOST 5 Digits XMAS OFFER(Only 1 Hour) Just now from 8000.99 USD only) Now, please let me sleep. And, because it's the season for tourism 13 things, I want to sincerely thank you for taking time out of your weekend to read this column. My hope is, whether you've been along since the beginning or this is your first issue, that it is helping you make better decisions that will help you on your path to financial independence, security, and happiness. Happy and Stating Thanks giving, State on, Ryan Simons, CFA

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