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TriCon Invest Review by AltMon.com [Introduction]

Review of TriconInvest

Greetings fellow investors and avid readers of ALTMON.com. We are very excited to present you the our very first HYIP review. Many of you may not have been well acquainted with AltMon and what were all about, so I suggest you to first read our Introductory Press Release Article first.

Lets now get on to the actual review of Tricon Invest, Shall we? At first glance, the site gives off a very prosaic but corporate vibe. This is a good sign, as it shows from our predictive analysis that sites that have less flashy look and feel may be focusing right down to the brass tacks when it comes to making money. It is not hard to notice that right at the gates, this site stands out in terms of the parlance and jargon, that sets it apart from most other contemporary HYIPs.

For the complete review, go to AltMon.com

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The hyip of the day is Investment King

Hye Everyone, Today we would like to review on the hyip which is performing well in market. So the hyip of the day and today's topic will be Investment King Ltd.

Before we proceed to review on the hyip program. Let's have a short introduction on the company of the program. As all of you know that Investment King is the new hyip program which is doing good in the market. The main activity of the Investment Kings LTD is a short term investment in the Asian equity markets (stock markets). Most trades are made on three stock exchanges, including Tokyo Stock Exchange, United Stock Exchange, and Korea Stock Exchange. That's a short introduction on the company. There are pretty affilate program attached to this investment scheme. Below we wll list the investment plans and the refferal commision.


  • PLAN 1- 1.35 - FROM $10- $100 REF COMM 3.0% (7 DAYS)
  • PLAN 2- 1.7 - FROM $101- $700 REF COMM 4.5% (14 DAYS)
  • PLAN 3- 2.1 - FROM $300- $1,200 REF COMM 6.0% (28 DAYS)
  • PLAN 4 - 2.6 - FROM $500- $10,000 REF COMM 8.0% (56 DAYS)


Those are beautiful plans organised by the admin for all the investor. Please be informed that we are not the admin of this programs and kindly invest in your own risk.


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Review On Hyip Program

Warm welcome to everyone. Wow that's quite long we have been touch with all the wonderful people out there. We just make a comeback after an exciting vacation. We feel so energetic after a good vacation and we are back on track to continue with our business. First of all we would like to express our gratitude to be with us and support us so far and at the same time we would like to congratulate all the investors who still really doing gud in the hyip industry.

Hi Everyone,

Warm welcome to everyone. Wow that's quite long we have been touch with all the wonderful people out there. We just make a comeback after an exciting vacation.We feel so energetic after a good vacation and we are back on track to continue with our business. First of all we would like to express our gratitude to be with us and support us so far and at the same time we would like to congratulate all the investors who still really doing gud in the hyip industry.


Before we go further in details, there is a surprise for all of you that we trying to be a genuine monitor in hyip industry are planning a lot of activities to benefit all the investors and users who make use our site to do things in hyip industry. Since there's a lot of things in our site which is not organised correctly where users and having hard time to get the information they need. Therefore, we have discussed with our team and we will be reviewing all the hyip programs inan article form.


Let's start our review without wasting any seconds, First i would like to introduce all the newly ventured programs which is added in our listing site.


For those who are looking for new hyip programs to place an investment. Below are the details :



Those are the new sites which has been added in hyipbox listing site. Oops! not to the outstanding hyip program which recently disapper and had make a comeback again with a lot new investment programs who is non other the OilDuke


Now let's look at the king and the queen of the hyip industry who have sustain in a long run. Below will be details.



Those are the giants of hyip industry who had make a lot of wonders and achievement in hyip industry in the long run and user's can safely put their investment.Moreover, we would like to emphasize on the special features in hyipbox where user can benefit from that . Firstly, hyipbox is the one of the sites who are able to monitor other monitor stats where a lot of people are not aware of it. Here i will explain how that works, at the extreme right corner you can see a small coloured square which will show you some numbers, that's actually the status of the other monitors where people think that as a comment and the colour will resemble the status paying,not paying, waiting and scam. Other than that , users can click on the program and a small window will appear there user can see the top hyip monitor status such as allhyipmonitor and allmonitor. 


Therefore, hyipbox is a very complex site with a outstanding built-in features and a simple interface where users can rely on this monitor to do wonders our here.Please be informed that there are many more activities and new features will be up in our monitor. Don't forget to stay tuned with us and we will meet you back with next review.




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This registration does not have an essential significance, having been bought for foxed sum of cash. Moreover, management often does not hassle itself with displaying the papers or just locations the bogus on the site

2. Deal with lawful address.

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