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The hyip of the day is Investment King

Hye Everyone, Today we would like to review on the hyip which is performing well in market. So the hyip of the day and today's topic will be Investment King Ltd.

Before we proceed to review on the hyip program. Let's have a short introduction on the company of the program. As all of you know that Investment King is the new hyip program which is doing good in the market. The main activity of the Investment Kings LTD is a short term investment in the Asian equity markets (stock markets). Most trades are made on three stock exchanges, including Tokyo Stock Exchange, United Stock Exchange, and Korea Stock Exchange. That's a short introduction on the company. There are pretty affilate program attached to this investment scheme. Below we wll list the investment plans and the refferal commision.


  • PLAN 1- 1.35 - FROM $10- $100 REF COMM 3.0% (7 DAYS)
  • PLAN 2- 1.7 - FROM $101- $700 REF COMM 4.5% (14 DAYS)
  • PLAN 3- 2.1 - FROM $300- $1,200 REF COMM 6.0% (28 DAYS)
  • PLAN 4 - 2.6 - FROM $500- $10,000 REF COMM 8.0% (56 DAYS)


Those are beautiful plans organised by the admin for all the investor. Please be informed that we are not the admin of this programs and kindly invest in your own risk.


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