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Catena Finance Review

Today, i would like to offer at your attention the professional review of the new program listed at hyipbox.com 13 days ago, called Catena Finance. This new program is considered to be a longterm one, taking into account the interest rates declared. Here below in the review, we'll stick your attention to every single point of the program, particularly the investment plans and withdrawal options, ways to deposit funds and referral campaign. We'll also say some words about the home page design and the technical features of this program. If you are considering adding Catena Finance to your investment portfolio this review is a "must read" material for you. In any case, if you have any questions about Catena Finance, feel free to ask them both directly to the program's support and to HYIPBOX support as well.
1. Introduction, First Impression!

The first impression when entering the homepage of Catena Finance is ordinary. Nothing special, simple HYIP template, well-done after all, still not more than a template. Maximum place taken by the image and Top menu. On the very top of the page in the heading part there's a simple logo with the slogan of the company: "Invest with Confidence". Next to the logo, there are also three images in the same color scheme, showing e-currencies, Catena Finance is working with. We'll talk about the e-currencies later on. The main menu is placed traditionally right below the heading. The menu sections also don't stand out of the mass: Home, Signup. Login, Monitors, Faq, News, About us, and Contact. The middle of the page is divided into two columns, where potential investors are able to have a look at the investment plans description and brief description of the program. At the very bottom of the mainpage there is a form for logging in and the buttons of payment processors accepted at Catena Finance. All in all, as i've mentioned the first impression is not extraordinary one. Typical HYIP, with decent interest rates, which lets us assume it will keep on running for some period of time more than a month or so.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

There are two investment plans offered by Catena Finance. And the minimum amount one can spend for joining them is $1, which is why, the project is potentially open for a large number of investors. The first investment plan is based on Daily payouts on business days (from Monday to Friday) within 356 days. The daily profit declared for this investment plan is 2%, which theoretically is supposed to give 520% at the end of the investment term, when your principal is also returned. The second investment plan is based on weekly payouts, offering 11% weekly to its investors. Compared to 10% weekly for the daily plan, weekly plan seems to be more profitable. At first sight it may seem more risky, taking into account the profit cannot be withdrawn daily and the profit rate is a bit higher. At the same time taking into account such a long investment period declared for the first investment plan, weekly payouts should not be of a great concern for you. Getting back to the total profitability of the weekly investment plan: total ROI makes 605% pure profit plus your principal returned. The compounding rate is also enabled for both investment plans. If enabled, it increases your potential profit, though adds much more risks. The referral program Catena Finance provides is three-level - with 5% for level 1, 3% for level 2 and 2% for level 3 investors.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

There are several ways to make deposit to Catena Finance. The first way is to deposit using one of your e-currency accounts accepted for processing at Catena Finance: SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and EgoPay. For making deposit, you should login to your member area and follow the instructions on-screen to complete deposit using one of e-currencies given. There's also another option for making a deposit. You can deposit funds directly from your Account balance. To make a deposit from your Catena Finance account, simply login into your member's account, click on Make Deposit and select Deposit from the Account Balance Radio button. As i've already mentioned, minimum amount to deposit to Catena Finance is $1. All withdrawals are shown on members' account instantly after they have been completed. The withdrawal can be made manually and completed within 24 hours after the request. To request the withdrawal, one should login to his/her account using username and password and check the Withdraw section. The minimum withdrawal on Perfect Money is 0.01 USD. The minimum is 1 USD for EgoPay and 0.5 USD for SolidTrustPay. The differences are due to the limitations of the payment processors.

4. Legend & Content!

As for the website content, i can't say it's genuine. Moreover it's a copy/paste from some old HYIP. Hence i wouldn't think seriously about any announcement from the admin and support of Catena Finance concerning the stock exchange or Forex activity. It can hardly be serious. I believe experienced readers are already aware of that, such notification is more for the newbies. Catena Finance is a typical HYIP, nothing more. Still it's a HYIP with potentially long lifetime, which makes it an interesting source for placing a deposit on this early stage. In any case, taking into account Catena Finance is a HYIP, it can still be added to your investment portfolio for diversification purposes.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The support is very simple. Entering the Contact page, there's a support form, where entering your name, e-mail and choosing the department, anyone may send the support request to the staff of the program. Besides there's an option to send the direct e-mail to the admin of Catena Finance to admin@catenafinance.com. No live chat, no phone support, unfortunately. Everything is too simple here. Anyway, there's nothing left but to make use of what we are offered to use.

6. Technical Aspect!

Catena Finance is running on a licensed from GoldCoders and hosted on a dedicated server provided by Root S.A. There's no 100% evidence as for the DDoS protection, if there's any. I believe the first attack to the website, once happens, will show if the dedicated server from this unknown hosting provider in the HYIP industry based in Luxembourg, is capable to mitigate it and prevent the site from being down for long. The SSL Certificate for www.catenafinance.com is signed by RapidSSL CA wich is signed by GeoTrust Global CA wich is signed by Equifax . The SSL Certificate will expire on Saturday 31 May 2014 this means it is still valid for 327 days. RapidSSL is the simplest SSL protocol, that can be obtained without extended validation of the website.

7. Special Features!

Being a typical template HYIP website one can hardly find anything special. Still there's one thing that can be included in the Special Features section of today's review. Catena Finance claims to be a registered company in the United Kingdom under the name "Catena Finance LTD." and the company number 8488673. After verifying the number we may state, indeed, this company is really registered and is assigned with the following address:







8. Conclusion!

Catena Finance is a very simple HYIP, which could have been one of the mass, still it is not, fo having the company registration documents and a wide choice of the payment options accepted for operation. In any case, such an ordinary HYIP is not the best product to launch at such a hard period of time. If it survives through this summer, no one knows, still i would recommend it exclusively for HYIP gamblers, the investors, who prefer risk. At least for now!

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